In Grove Or Green

Chapter 3


Scene 1: New Digs

Having taken possession of their new Hollow, Evie, Mneme, and Grim began to customize their new home, adding rooms and comforting touches by Hedgeshaping the local area. Grim slowly began to lay down some basic defenses in the form of a Hedge-side moat, relying on Evie’s more skilful touch to lay the finishing elements. With suitable accommodations complete, the characters decided that a Motley Pledge was in order, and swore a Wyrd-witnessed oath in the common room — now creating the three-member motley Chiaroscuro, citing the inherent contrast of Darkling, Elemental, and Beastkith.

Satisfied with the concluded work, the motley contacted Gilly for advice on making contacts to provide the group with workable aliases for modern-day life in Baltimore.

Scene 2: How to Make Friends and Forge People

Meeting the Chiaroscuro at the Gough St storefront, Gilly directed Mneme to drive north, bringing the characters to meet Ledger. Entering his real estate office from the back alley, the quartet were ushered into a conference room, where the Mirrorskin quietly heard their situation and offered an exchange of services. As an influential member of the Winter court, Ledger had been dismayed to hear about a fledgling Summer courtier determined to make a name for herself by investigating several areas around the city noted for their paranormal reputations. Determined that any forays to such areas be made by far more subtle Winter resources, Ledger agreed to provide new identities for the group if they could get the Farwalker Ravinia to turn her glory-seeking attentions elsewhere.

After a short deliberation, the Chiaroscurans accepted the offer and went to search for Ravinia at the Greenmont Cemetery. The trio scored a few hits of Glamour on the way out of the office and, after getting directions from Gilly, proceeded to go in search of their quarry.