In Grove Or Green

Chapter 4

Spirits of Another Sort

Scene 1: Digging for Dead Ones

Arriving at Greenmont Cemetery, the group began searching for Ravinia, remembering Ledger’s advice that direct confrontation was not likely to have any profitable results. Determined to keep a low profile, the three cautiously investigated the graveyard, spotting Ravinia in a copse of nearby trees. To their surprise, the Summer Farwalker seemed pleased to meet them, and Mneme quickly spun a tale of suddenly arriving in the graveyard fresh from the Hedge, telling Ravinia that she was the first Changeling the group had met.

Sympathetic to their apparent situation, the Ogre did her best to engage the characters in her quest, citing rumors of hauntings and ghosts surrounding the cemetery. With her knowledge of the occult, Evie sensed a possible link to a set of gravestones in one of the areas Ravinia was about to investigate. Deciding to try and contact the unquiet spirit or spirits, Evie summoned an apparition in an attempt to convince Ravinia of their trustworthy intentions. While unable to communicate clearly with the ghost, the display suitably impressed Ravinia, who departed shortly thereafter to tend to some Summer Court business, leaving Chiaroscuro to discuss the best strategy to divert their new friend from her current explorations.

Deciding to rest among the upper branches of the trees for a moment, Mneme watched as Grim left to get some food and Evie, wandering nearby, discovered a hidden crevice in a pair of entwined trunks. Returning with Subway cookies, Grim wedged the crack open, loosening a waxed envelope containing the following message:

Per your last letter, I’ve been busily investigating our inter-Hedge contacts and calling in every solo favor I own across the entire city. I’ve also noted your concerns. Subtlety is, naturally, paramount in a delicate endeavor such as ours, so if you don’t hear from me or I cold-shoulder you in public for a few weeks, just make some excuse about my wonderfully mercurial nature to the others. Above all, don’t despair, mon frere – and other lovely aphorisms of that sort.

A point of consideration – if this has been a protracted problem as you surmise, it would appear to necessitate allies either within and/or without the Hedge. We should extend our survey to the Canton Market and westward to Mount Clare. Smoke and mirrors are the watchwords of our mutual friends, but I’m sure our tenacity will not go unrewarded. Neither evening nor morning will be gainsaid or defeated!


Astonished at this letter that clearly predated the recent influx of Changelings to Baltimore, the group immediately seized upon this opportunity to include Ravinia in a much more significant quest. The four Changelings decided to investigate the Canton Market, meeting with Wardancer, a Draconic leader of the Summer Court. Wardancer informed the motley that they would not be able to access the Canton Market for a few weeks during the proper lunar phase, but did not object to Ravinia’s prior offer of shelter and food for an evening at the Summer Court’s Commons Hall.

After a meal in the mess, the group accompanied Ravinia to a more detailed briefing with Wardancer on the newly-discovered letter and were commissioned to work under the Ogre to investigate whatever clues the letter might reveal. After Ravinia was dismissed, the three were also offered a personal assignment to try and discover the cause for another Summer Changeling’s retreat from her Court associations. Retiring for the evening, the group found bunks in the Summer Barracks, well pleased with making further influential contacts within the burgeoning Freehold.